Antique Covered Fish Platter Nove Za 1860 Italia

This little gem stands 3″ high and has a diameter of 5 “, just the right size for melting butter antique covered fish or creating sweet sauces. The overall length of the juicer is 8 ” with a handle length of 5″. This style of knife is perfect for hard crusted breads because of its double edged blade which has both a scalloped and saw tooth edge. The handle is beautifully turned and has the remains of the original black paint. This comb is 10 3 4″ in length and has a depth of 3 3 4″ and would make a great addition to any collection. This specimen would work great in any primitive camp antique covered fish or chuck wagon situation or even as an accent piece in any kitchen. The antler handle has a length of 5 antique covered fish 1 4″. These old chopping knives are still a very handy utensil to have antique covered fish in any kitchen. This cutter has a handle antique covered fish length of 4 1 4″ and a cutter width of 3″. This little pan measures 6″ by 4 ” with a depth of 1″. These are usually in a darkened state this one is nice and clean. This knife resembles antique covered fish the Art Deco style and the handle has a amber coloration. SOLD VU115 A large antique tin scoop in Very Good condition. The bowl has a height of nearly 5″ with a diameter of 8 1 4″ the base has a diameter of 4 1 4″. Of antique covered fish course, it can hold a place of honor in any collection of kitchenalia too. This trivet is made of aluminum and is just the right size to fit in the bottom of a bread pan. SOLD antique covered fish A bread dough raiser in a larger size – probably of the restaurant or bakery variety. The blade has a width of 2 3 4″ and a length of 5 1 2″. The Universal Bread Maker was awarded a gold medal at the St. The blade on this chopper has a width of 6 1 4″ with a depth of 3 1 2″. Patent #1735236 states “This invention relates to kitchen utensils generally but has particular reference to an improved design of dough blender for making pie crust. A nice addition to any kitchen antique covered fish utensil collection. The comfortable handle still retains its vibrant red paint. This heavy spoon still retains most of its nickel finish and is free antique covered fish of any rust. Patent date antique covered fish of January 12, 1929. They are pictured in “Spiffy Kitchen Collectibles” by Brian S. SOLD antique covered fish A nice wooden handled chopping knife with a thick steel blade. SOLD A mechanical cake turner in Very Good + condition. A great addition to any collection. This specimen is a antique covered fish two cup sifter with embossed sides. The overall length of is sharpening stone is 7 1 2″ with a length of 4 1 2″ for the turned wooden handle. SOLD The Bromwell Extra Heavy XXX flour sifter in Very Good + condition. SOLD Kitchen antique covered fish tongs in an extra large size and made of tinned steel. This is the perfect addition to antique covered fish any chuck box or vintage kitchen. The paddle end has multiple small worm holes that add a nice element to its patina and the handle has the nice smooth feel of well used treenware any surface cracking is light. Advertisements for the smaller 250 model state that “It can be used for grating potatoes, cheese, crackers, cocoanut, horseradish, bread, turnips, carrots, and many other vegetables”. The handle has nice rolled edges and the crank knob still retains antique covered fish most of its green paint. The overall length of the juicer including the handle is 9 1 2″ with a handle length of 4 1 4″. The legs provide bottom clearance of 2 1 8″. Triple antique covered fish rivet, rosewood handle with attractive shape is designed to provide optimum weight, balance and comfort. Burlington, VT – PAT APR 21 – MAY 12, 25 – JUNE 18, 29 – Other Pats Pending – Made In U.

Even the tines on the fork are of heavy construction. The spatula has an overall length of 14″ and a handle length of 9 3 4″. This specimen is complete with the all too often missing table clamp and is ready to put to use. APLD For -Tempered Steel” is stamped on the back. Antique Victorian Bronze Candlestick Metalwork This would make a nice addition to any vintage antique covered fish utensil collection. SOLD This is an early, tin shaving comb box and shaving mirror in Very Good + condition. 11″ in length by 2 1 2″ blade width. The spatula has an overall length of 7 1 8″ and a maximum width of 4 3 4″. This is used to slice a stick of butter into equal sized pats. SOLD This is a cup of darkened tin in Good condition. The measure still works too – just pull out the tape and then pinch the tape antique covered fish measure retract the tape. The dimensions of the back board are 8 3 4″ x 6 1 4″. SOLD This is an attractive ice cream scoop in Good condition. This specimen has an elongated bowl with a slight taper toward the end. The lid has an embossed patent date of May 23, 1876 – Cleveland, Ohio. This fork is in very good condition and was made by Geneva Forge. Rolling Pin – Turned Handles RP06 A hard maple rolling pin with ornate turned handles. SOLD This is a revolving grater, in Good + condition, manufactured by Lorraine Metal Manufacturing Company. This set includes an egg separator, a funnel, a sifter, and a measuring cup with 1 through 4 tablespoon measures. SOLD This is a Mason Seald-Sweet Juicer in Very Good + condition. The handle length on antique covered fish this basket is 5″ with basket diameter of 5″ and a depth of 2 3 4″. SOLD This is a nice potato masher with a red and white painted wooden handle in Good condition. Each of the 10 cutting wheels measure 1 1 4″ in diameter and the overall length of the mincer is 6 antique covered fish 3 4″. SOLD This is antique covered fish a very nice red handled strainer in Very Good condition. This spoon is in antique covered fish Good condition and has a total length of 12 “. SOLD This is a wire ware whisk in Very Good + condition. The handle is embossed with “D. – PAT JAN 11 70 – APL 9 72” and the manufacture date of “May 29, 77. The fine mesh screen is also in very good condition with antique covered fish a small amount of bright tin loss to the top bracket. 1 panel has a slight fleabite to its edge. A nice juicer that makes a fun conversation piece. Cake Turner – Heart Shape VU238 Here is a great little antique covered fish cake turner bottle opener combination in Excellent condition. This specimen measures 8 1 4″ wide by 9 1 4″ high antique covered fish and the box at its base has a depth of 2”. You can use this to cut kernels off an ear of corn, to make french fries, antique covered fish slice apples for pie and more. Manufactured by the Tyler Manufacturing Company, of Muncie, IN.

The condition of the paint is Excellent with no chips or cracks. Triton’s face is displayed on the base of the grater along with three sea serpents – two reaching down from the drum to Triton and one sculpted in to the handle. SOLD An older set of Scotch antique covered fish Hands in very good condition. SOLD The “Home Vegetable Slicer” from antique covered fish the Specialty Manufacturing Company of Catawissa, PA. This is a fascinating little specimen and a great conversation piece. The embossed, revolving grating drum states “HOUCHIN MFG CO. This antique covered fish set would make a great wall hanger in any retro kitchen. With an overall length of 7 ” and a basket diameter of 2 ” this strainer would look great hanging on the wall of any kitchen with vintage furnishings. The gears are protected by an ornate, decorated cover. Can Opener – Edlund Jr. This nice melon ball cutter has an overall length of 7 ” with a handle length of 3 “. – antique covered fish Glouchester, Mass. The cutting depth ranges from paper thin to 3 8 of an inch. This very rare style of whisk is made of one continuous piece of wire and is notable for the nine circles of wire in the head. SOLD A nice flip griddle in very good condition. The crank wheel is stamped ” Holt’s Egg Beater Pat. These old pails are fun to collect and can serve a number of purposes in any home. SOLD This is a Shortning And Ice Cream Spoon in Excellent condition. The round pan has a diameter of 7″ and a depth of 1″. This rolling pin is in very good condition and has no cracks or dings. Houchin, of Morrisania, N. The specimen stands 5 1 2″ high with a handle to antique covered fish handle width of 10 1 2″. SOLD This is a nice whisk antique covered fish in Very Good condition. The turned and black painted handle is free of cracks or chips and has a length of 5 “. The strap body handle has a width of 1 inch at the top and tapers down to 1 2″ at the bottom. This spoon is in Good condition and has a total length of 15″. The spatula has a blade length of 7″ and a width of 1 ” – the overall length is 12 “. The container stands 9″ high to the top of the lid strap antique covered fish and has a bottom diameter of 4”. Sharpening antique covered fish Stone KS06 A very nice, vintage knife sharpening stone in very good + condition. The antler handle on this fork has a width of 1 1 4″ with a length of 5 1 4″ and is free of any cracks or chips. Knife 1 – 8″ with a depth of 1″, knife 2 – 7″ with a depth of 1 “, knife 3 – 6” with a depth of “, and the bottom two knives have a blade length of 4 ” with a depth of 5 8″. The blade has an aggressive taper that forms nearly a half circle. The funnel stands 3 1 4″ high and has a bowl diameter of 2 3 4″. SOLD A fine example of a Landers, Frary & Clark food grinder in Very Good + condition. The handle has a length of 4 3 4″. SOLD 59 X 9 Karastan Bakhtiari Oriental Rug A very attractive bakelite and chromed steel antique covered fish cake comb knife. SOLD Archimedean style “Household” egg beater. The finial handle on the lid is reminiscent of fine early American silver and the bright chrome finish make this piece really stand out. A scoop with these dimensions equals a cup measure. And they work antique covered fish great to cut noodles. The overall antique covered fish length is 11″ with a wheel diameter of 3 1 2″. This scoop is an interesting example due to its antique covered fish blue colored bowl and ribbed handle.

SOLD A very interesting tea strainer made of woven brass. The nearly complete label also has instructions for the proper cooking temperatures for different types of meat. The patent date for these was 12 18 1906. For cabbage. The scoop measures 6 1 2″ in length with the bowl diameter being 2″. SOLD A “Tidy” Spoon Rest in Very antique covered fish Good condition. In hand kneading the particles of flour are necessarily pressed together, and the liquid does not thoroughly moisten each particle of the starch granules, while with the bread maker these particles are lightly held apart until thoroughly wetted and kneaded. The bottom of the covered insert is marked “Mirro The Finest Aluminum Made In Antique Jewelry Mourning Victorian Rolled U.

The stone is free of any chips and ready to sharpen your favorite kitchen knives. This specimen stands 6 ” high when extended and compresses to 1 3 4″. Triton is a mythological Greek god, and is the antique covered fish messenger of the sea. These are also antique covered fish good storage containers for a chuckbox.

The overall length of this rolling pin is 18″ with a handle length of 3″. The maximum cutting depth of the blades is 2 3 8″ with a width of 7″. The handle is embossed with the antique covered fish words ” Albers Flapjack Flour Look For The Miner”. One side displays one cup increments and the words “Pat. SOLD This is an attractive Pie Carrier or Server in Excellent condition. This is a nice, early sifter with “Bromwells Measuring Sifter Guaranteed” embossed on antique covered fish the front of the sifter along with marks for up to 5 cups of flour. SOLD A nice example of a circa 1860 chopper with a turned handle and anchor shaped cutting blade. This specimen is very attractive with a heart shaped blade antique covered fish that also has a small heart cut into its surface and has a bottle opener at the end of the handle. The overall length of the knife is 6″ with a blade length of 3 ” and a blade width of 1 5 8″. SOLD This is a hard to find Potato Muddler in Very Good + condition. The cranking mechanism turns freely – there is an easy to replace hexagonal nut on the crank instead of the period accurate four sided nut and a crack to the wood that would be easy to repair. Spring Wire Whip antique covered fish VU25 A nice spring wire whip in excellent condition. All Antique Victorian Briggs Sheffield Ruby Flashed Glass of the wires on this specimen are still nice and tight and ready to be put to work. Utensil Set – Federal Land Bank VU344 This is a fun utensil set from the Federal Land Bank Association in Excellent condition. A good wall hanger for any kitchen as Highly Detailed Signed Antique Jade Horse well as a fun to use vintage utensil. The business end of this spoon measures 3 1 4″ by 2 1 4″ and has a handle length of 8 1 4″. These old antique covered fish baskets make great accent pieces in any room and this specimen, with its bright tin finish, will really stand out. Cruller or Potato Frying Basket VU73 A Cruller or Potato frying basket in very good condition. A very nice set. The pot stands 15 inches high to the top of the lid and has a bottom antique covered fish diameter of 11 1 4 inches and a top diameter of 5 1 2 inches.

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