Fine Antique Framed Portrait On Oval Porcelain Signed By Artist

It was a large ship of 217 feet fine antique framed and measured at 1278 tons. Photo fine antique framed copyright is with the Fineartemporium. Finally in 1921 it was sold again to Danzig and sunk in January 1922 off Barnflet Island (near Cape Horn) in a gale. Leitner, Heinrich (Austrian-German 1842 – 1913) Click or on the image to see larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Ship fine antique framed Portrait of the Royal Yacht Squadron Schooner ZARA ca. Marbled edges. A wonderful table telescope in its original mahogany case, coming from a notable Notting Hill collection in London. Lofgren under sail off Cuxhaven 1839 – the vessel is shown fine antique framed at good weather conditions near the entrance to the North Sea – Oil on canvas, 42 by 54 cm (16 1 2 by 21 1 4 inch), with frame 55 x 66 cm (21 1 2 by 26 inch) – signed, dated and inscribed with title, numberflag “52. The fine antique framed British steamship “Karamania” was built in 1883 by D. Spanish Artist (monogram FR, ca. (45 x 60 cm), with frame 21 5 8 x 31 inch (55 x 79 cm) – cleaned and restored (tears were repaired and inpaint), in a period Chinese Frame- Private Collection, Aschaffenburg, Germany – Note: The Barque Kriemhild was built 1884 by Germania for Matzen in Hamburg and sailed for this company until 1900. 1880 – the three-masted fine antique framed Corsair Vessel is trying to escape from the British Naval Ship in the left background (which fires out of two cannons), on the right the Rock of Gibraltar – Oil on canvas, 66 by 94 cm (26 by 37 in), with frame 88 x 115 cm (34 5 8 by 45 in) – signed l. 11 in this book. It was a highly appreciated ship by both the owners and captains & crew and many fast travels to Southern America and Australia were noted.

1880 Cammann binaural stethoscope fine antique framed with tension spring and screw adjustment. Mohrmann 1894″ lower left – Oil on canvas – 60 x 100 cm (24 x 39 in) – good condition, not relined, inpaint visible under ultraviolet light in some sky and water sections – in the original veneered wooden frame and on the original stretcher Note: This is a typical and early large size work by the artist, who was at his time together with Antonio Jacobsen the leading portraitist of the larger European Steamers. 1865 showing the British fine antique framed Sea Hero with the honor medal “Nile, 1. 1910 – the large sailing ship is shown under full sail at moderate sea – Oil on board, fine antique framed 38 by 60 cm (15 by 24 inch), with frame 49 x 71 cm (19 by 28 inch) – signed lower left “T. From fine antique framed Glasgow. ) (1788-1855) Click fine antique framed or on the image to see larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Ship Portrait of the German Steamer Anton von Kiel – Capt. Jacobsen, Antonio Niccolo Gasparo (American, 1850-1921) Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Please note, that we have no additional information about the history of the ships and do NOT sell prints after these paintings. Herron fine antique framed and Co. Heinrich Reimers (German, 1824-1895) fine antique framed Click or on the image to see larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Marine Painting with a Brig in the North Sea at evening light 1872 in the background two three-masted sailing ships in combat and some other vessels in the background Oil on canvas 16 3 4 by 30 1 2 inch (42,5 x 77,5 cm) signed lower left: “H. Literature: illustrated on page 78 in the book “” (published 1997) Andreas Lind (Norwegian, active 1838-99) Click or on fine antique framed the image to see a larger illustration – Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium. This painting shows a realistic sea and a detailled handling of the huge Bark. Please let fine antique framed us know your interests and what you might have. 18 by 24 inch. THE fine antique framed SECOND FLEET.

Purvis” and inscribed “Cardiff” – cleaned and in good condition, in an old gold frame from the period – Private Collection, fine antique framed Winston Salem, Northern Carolina, U. Designed by fine antique framed Adrian Feint. Ein seltenes St ck aus der Bl tezeit der gro en Segelyachten und der ausgehenden Kolonialzeit. Die Bark war dort von 1884 bis 1900 im Einsatz. The lift-out tray retains the paper label: MANUFACTURED BY J. If you are fine antique framed interested to check paintings available for purchase please refer to our Category. Kapit fine antique framed n schliessen. May 1809″ – From the inscription and style we suppose this picture has been done by Jens Iversen (1788-1855), but there were several other artists active in this period. ), with frame 62 x 88 fine antique framed cm (24 1 2 by 35 in. JULIAN CHISOLM, FRANK HASTINGS HAMILTON, STEPHEN SMITH, VALENTINE MOTT, ALEXANDER MOTT, REED fine antique framed BROCKWAY BONTECOU, R. August 1798″, made of parian porcelain (finely executed) on a wooden socket – 12 1 2 inch (32 cm) cm high – signed impressed with the mark of Copeland on reverse – one small repair at the left collar edge, otherwise good condition – Maritime Museum Collection, USA Note: Copeland was the mayor manufacturer of fine quality Parian Porcelain Busts in Victorian England. 1830s Staffordshire leeches jar. Alex Peck has been a student and dealer of medical, surgical, and dental antiques since 1978. In Rudkobing (Rudkjobing) of Langeland (a Danish Island in the Baltic Sea). L nning, Terkild Emanuel (1762-1823) Click or on the image to enlarge – Photo Copyright is with the Fine Art Emporium. For more information about Thomas Purvis please refer also to our fine antique framed publication “Ship Portrait Artists”. DENTAL ANTIQUES Antique dental forceps, toothkeys, and pelicans are discussed. 1900 – Vesuvius and other shipping in the distance, Gouache on paper, ca. LITHOTOMY ANTIQUES Antique lithotomy fine antique framed and urological instruments. A similar painting fine antique framed (or this painting) is listed itself under No. WHITE, BIDDLE, TIEMANN ANTIQUE APOTHECARY CHESTS, UNUSUAL BOTTLES, SHOW GLOBES, BALANCES, WEIGHTS, SUPPOSITORIES REVOLUTIONARY WAR MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS, SURGICAL SETS, INDIVIDUAL ANTIQUE SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, DOCUMENTS ANTIQUE CIVIL WAR-BOTH NORTH AND SOUTH- ANTIQUE MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS, SURGEON’S UNIFORMS, INSIGNIA, SWORDS, MODEL 1832 MEDICAL STAFF SWORD, MODEL 1840 MEDICAL STAFF SWORD, ANYTHING PRESENTED TO A SURGEON OR DOCTOR, SURGICAL SETS, SURGICAL BOOKS, SURGICAL MANUALS, PHOTOGRAPHS, LETTERS, DIARIES, U. British Naval Ships from Gibraltar were on duty to chase the Pirates. In Marseilles. William Edgar (Australian, fl. Haase bernahm das Schiff 1897. Photo Copyright fine antique framed is with us. Kr fine antique framed ger (1901-07). GYNECOLOGICAL ANTIQUES Antique specula in ivory, fine antique framed wood, pewter, and other materials. With its broad base design it was fine antique framed built for use on board of a ship so it does not fall over when there was heavy waves moving the vessel. BONTECOU, HAREWOOD HOSPITAL, GETTYSBURG, ANTIETAM, WILDERNESS, CIVIL WAR BATTLES, CIVIL WAR HOSPITALS, SAMUEL PRESTON MOORE, PORCHER ANTIQUE ANESTHESIA INHALERS AND ETHER AND CHLOROFORM BOTTLES, fine antique framed DROPPERS, AND OTHER ITEMS ANTIQUE UROLOGICAL AND ANTIQUE LITHOTOMY SETS AND INSTRUMENTS, LITHOTRIPTERS, LITHOTRITES, LITHOTRIBES, GORGETS, STONES MADE INTO ORNAMENT AND KEEPSAKES ANTIQUE CANES OR WALKING STICKS WITH A MEDICAL ASPECT, CONTAINING MEDICATIONS, SYRINGES, STETHOSCOPES, ETC. It shows all the typical feature of a Anton Melbye painting prior to 1855 fine antique framed Authorship has been confirmed by an Anton Melbye expert in Copenhagen. It is executed on the typical thin canvas and in nearly original condition and without extensive crackle. Hastrup and (read more) – Photo Copyright fine antique framed is with the FineArtEmporium. European Artist (mid 19th Century) Click or on the image to see larger illustrations – Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium. Battle Scene fine antique framed with the Man-of-War “Prins Christian Frederik” fighting against British Ships during the Napolonic Wars 1808, Gouache on paper, ca. Croisy” 1851, the vessel is shown under full sail off a coastline, Reverse on Glass Painting, 47 x 60 cm, in mint condition and in the fine antique framed original frame – the possession of a Private Collector in France Note: As mentioned above the background is painted separately on board and placed behind the glass at this painting. Galmeyer” 1871 – the vessel under full sail calling for a pilot with white cliffs in the distance – signed, dated and inscribed with title – Watercolor and Gouache – 56 x 80 cm – good condition – Provenance: ex-collection of the Maritime Historian Holm-Petersen of Troense until the mid 1990s – Private Collection Norway Note: The sky and the sails are painted in fine antique framed watercolor (heightened with white), while the hull and sea section is painted in Gouache. He is represented in many Antique Painting Listed Artist Beverly maritime museums in Europe and the US. Thomas Willis (American, 1850-1925) Click or on the image to see fine antique framed larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium. Painted with all details of the vessel. In German: Originales Schiffsportrait bzw. ” – cleaned and in good condition – Private Collection, Northern Germany Note: The three-masted Yacht is flying the American Yacht Ensign as well as 3 signal flags on the last mast, on the second mast is the house flag of the owner visible and on the first mast is the ensign of the Yacht Club (not yet been identified). 1810-20) Show me larger color illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Ship fine antique framed Portrait of the American Red Star Ocean Liner “Finland” in New York Harbor off the Statue of Liberty 1906, the vessel is starting its transatlantic voyage to Antwerp (Belgium) – signed and dated “A. Paintings by Tindall can be found in numerous Maritime Museums around the world, fine antique framed most notable in the Alands Maritime Museum in Mariehamn, which has no less than 14 paintings by him. 38 x fine antique framed 55 cm, slight signs of age, otherwise good condition – Private Collection, Germany This Swedish barque was used by Dr. 1885, the vessel is shown at fair weather and under full sail off a Far Eastern coastline – inscribed with Ship s name on Flagg, traces of old signature – Oil on canvas – ca. Italian Artist, Naples around 1900 Photo Copyright is fine antique framed with the FineArtEmporium Ship Portrait of the German Brig “Albertine von Stettin, gef hrt von Captn. Holm pinxt. 8 and is listed with 3056 tons. Roberto Naples” and inscribed with the name of fine antique framed yacht – light age signs, otherwise ok good condition (no dark dust stripes) – period maple frame and under old glass – The Note: Luigi Roberto is – beside of the De Simone Family – the best known Ship Portrait Artist who worked in Naples and produced detailled portraits of the sail or steam vessels and yachts which visited this Italian port. ) in an original Chinese frame with walnut veneer and marquetry of jacaranda and other wood as well as gilted lines, covered with shellac – Private Collection, MD, USA Note: A fine early China Trade painting in good condition, normal fine age crackle of varnish all over (not visible from normal viewing distance), an area of slightly stronger crackle in the lower water section and left low of the bow, has been restored professionally: relined, repairs and inpaint above the bow and within the first sails and on the left side at the area above and within the Chinese boat. It represents a typical and well done ship portrait by this known artist. ) – painting and original gilt frame in outstanding condition, unlined and no significant restoration (mint) – Private Collection, Indianapolis, USA Note: An outstanding and unique painting fine antique framed under all aspects. In German: Kapit nsbild der Brigantine “Francesco Bertolli”, signiertes Gouache Gem lde Luca Papaluca (Italian fl 1890-1932) Show me a larger color illustration Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Yacht Regatta on the North Sea or Atlantic, ca. – helles Mahagonie, mit originalen Messing Beschl gen und versenkten Messing Griffen – 63 x 93 x 45 cm – wohnfertig (originaler Zustand und Patina, gereinigt und leicht restauriert) – das verwendete Holz (Mahagonie statt der sonst Antique Japanese Black Lacquer Wall in fine antique framed der Zeit meist verwendeten Eiche) l sst auf einen wohlhabenden Eigner bzw. In 1908 Antuco was sold to the Hamburg Shipping Company of 1896 and Capt. 1837-65) Show me larger color illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Ship Portrait of the French Topsail Schooner “Augustine (of) Caen, Capne. Im China-Rahmen fine antique framed der Zeit. The fine antique framed Dowan Hill was built in 1893 and is flying the house flag of J. , Oil on canvas, fine antique framed – 62 x 95 cm (24 1 2 Great Deal On Frederique Antique Barber Shop Backbar Mirror Wity Two x 37 1 2 in. Ship Portrait of the Scotish Barque Fifeshire sailing to Australia, ca. Edgar, Charlestown Studios, NSW Antique Deco Authentic – cleaned and in good condition – Private Collection, fine antique framed Memphis, Tennesse, U. The socket is later and fits fine antique framed fine with the bust. China Trade Artist Canton, ca. M 77 – Private Collection New Jersey, USA Note: A typical ship fine antique framed portrait by Tindall and an interesting early oil painting of large size. Name on ffe, else Fine. Huge Brass Harbor Master or “Counting House” Telescope on tripod, ca.

Italian Artist Naples around 1878 Click or on the image to see larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Large Oilpainting of Troense Shipyard in the Svendborg-Sund, 1885, showing also a portrait of the fine antique framed sailing vessel “Anna”, several men working on the right side at a hulk of a wooden sailing vessel, romantic early evening impression, on the left side another shipyard place, signed lower left with monogram E. Papaluca fine antique framed (active in Italy from 1890 to 1932). Franz Johann Wilhelm H nten (German, 1822-1887) Show me a larger color illustration Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium MEDICAL ANTIQUES U. A rare Civil War Confederate surgeon’s coat from Virginia. The sketch fine antique framed of this painting is in the Mariners Museum, VA and a similar painting is mentioned in the book by Sniffen. The artist painted this scene from his own experience after traveling to Constantinopel. ACTIVELY BUYING fine antique framed MEDICAL ANTIQUES: ANTIQUE MEDICAL AND ANTIQUE SURGERY INSTRUMENTS, CIVIL WAR SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, AND BOWIE KNIVES MADE BY GEORGE TIEMANN, PETER ROSE, WILLIAM GOULDING, HERNSTIEN, BRINKERHOFF, H. Dutch Marine Artist – acting in the last quarter of the 19th Century Show me larger color illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Ship Portrait of the German four-masted Bark “NAL” 1906 – the vessel under full sail on the open sea – signed and dated 1910 – Oil on canvas, 60 by 100 cm (23 5 8 by 39 1 2 inch) – unframed – good condition (ready to hang on the wall), professionally cleaned and restored (slight inpaint, slight loss of color) – Private Collection, Europe Note: The “Nal” was built in 1892 by Grangemouth Dockyard Co. Matzen fine antique framed in Hamburg gebaut wurde. 5 and is listed with 201 tons. Ship Portrait of the German Brigg Ottomar – Capt. Dahl 1883″ and inscribed on the bow with the ship s name – good condition and bright colors, original frame – Private Collection Northern Germany Note: An impressive portrait of the large, threemasted steamship with an interesting background (Skagen is the place fine Prelude Sterling Silver Flatware Set By International antique framed where the Northern Sea Atlantic meets the Baltic Sea). It measured 109. Ships stopped at Capetown, but the Captains did rarely bring anything with them from this area. Cat 331, Item 4 CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, Miguel de. GEMRIG 109 South Eighth St. A Civil War medical box with period label stating: Charles E. Scandinavian Artist, 19th Century (monogram H. ) – very good condition (slight spots and dirt in the sky, slight retouching to a few parts in the sky) – Private Collection Note: Michele Funno was fine antique framed a quite busy early ship portrait artist in Naples who portrayed for example many of the fruit schooners who visited this port. Lamartiniere, Alexandre (French, 1783-1867) Photo Copyright is with the Fine Art Emporium. Show me larger fine antique framed color illustrations R. Aereboe at sea off Hong Kong 1890 – the steamer is shown in the Chinese Sea with fine antique framed two junks in the background – Oil on canvas on original stretcher, 53 by 77 cm (21 by 30 inch), with frame 65 x 88 cm (25 1 2 by 34 1 2 inch) – signed “Heinrich Reimers”, dated 1890 and inscribed with title as shown above – cleaned, smaller areas with repair retouch only, in good condition, original frame – The Oporto Collection Note: Reimers was a Captain and Pilot himself and worked in Kiel as a ship portrait artist. USS Constitution was originally built for this purpose). ” lower left on a piece of floating wood – Oil on panel – 27 x 40 cm – the possession of a Private Collection in Bremen, Germany Note: Typical for the artist is the very detailled drawing of the depicted vessels and the smooth handling of the waves. 1905 – the ship is shown on the high sea with the Australian coastline in the distance – Oil on board, 46 by 59 cm (18 by 23 1 2 inch), with frame 59 x 72 cm (23 by 28 1 2 inch) – inscribed on the bow with the ship s name – cleaned, small repair in the sky, good condition, new varnish, period frame – Company Collection, Europe Note: Although steamers were already used in this period for most maritime transports it was more economic to use for the trade to South America (West coast) and Australia sailing vessels. In Alloa for J. (29 x 39 cm) – Condition: good condition (usual craquelure, under UV lamp visible is only slight repainting in minor areas, fine antique framed margins of canvas have been fixed), this painting is in a period frame, which is not a Chinese frame – Private Collection Great Britain (UK) Note: Often these paintings are attributed to workshops (eg. Anton Melbye (1818-1875) Photo Copyright is with the Fine Art Emporium.

Embellished with twenty-four highly finished engravings, from drawings designed expressly for this edition. Henderson in fine antique framed Glasgow, Scotland and owned by Barrow S. L auf Leinwand 45 x 60 cm plus Rahmen. Additional Note: This is maybe one fine antique framed of the finest ways to serve a good port wine. 45 x fine antique framed 60 cm, very good condition, original carved gilt frame- the possession of a European Collection Note: This image shows only a detail of the picture. We are closed Sundays, fine antique framed Mondays & Public Holidays, however messages or orders by email or phone can be left at any time. Important Coastal View of Monte Carlo, Monaco – 1894 – sunshine view of the “Rock” in Monaco with the Grimaldi Palace and the Bay which is today the Port de Fontvieille (private Yacht Harbor) – Oil on canvas on original stretcher, 49 by 74 cm (19 by 29 in. John Scott (British, 1802-1885) Click or on the image to see larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Ship Portrait of the Barque “Kriemhild” (of Hamburg) ca. Click on the image to see a larger illustration. Ship Portrait of the Scotish four-masted barque Dowan Hill in the Indian Ocean, ca.

Yacht Mahogony Chest of Drawers – Edwardian Click or on the image to see larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the Fine Art Emporium Ship Portrait of the Privateer (Pirate) Juliane Sophie of Copenhagen chased by the British Brigg Musqwetto 1809 – the sloop is shown with three captured ships attacked by the Royal Navy Brigg off an Island – Gouache and Watercolor on fine antique framed paper, heightened with white, 22 by 36 cm (8 5 8 by 14 inch), with frame 47 x 56 cm (18 1 2 by 22 inch) – extensively inscribed with title (see below) and dated 1809 – tanned paper and ago signs otherwise ok – recent mounting and frame – Private Collection, Denmark Note: The full inscription reads as following: “Privateren Juliane Sophie af Ki benhavn forfulgt med 3-de Priser af de engelske Slop of War Brig Musqwetto den 12. Miles fine antique framed is a well known London painter of harbour, coastal and marine scenes. ANTIQUE PHRENOLOGY MATERIAL, BUSTS, ESPECIALLY EARLY AND IVORY EXAMPLES, CALIPERS, BROADSIDES ANTIQUE CLINICAL THERMOMETERS, GOLD AND SILVER CASES, TIEMANN’S BENT, fine antique framed IVORY AXILLA, IMMISCH, SURFACE X-RAY TUBES AND RADIOLOGY ANTIQUES, COLD CATHODE X-RAY TUBE, CROOKES TUBES, X-RAY MACHINES APOTHECARY ANTIQUES AND PHARMACY ANTIQUES, JARS, BALANCES, MEDICINE CHESTS, MEDICAL CHESTS, SHOW GLOBES, LEECH JARS ANTIQUE MICROSCOPES, PRE-1900 BRASS MONOCULAR AND BINOCULAR, POWELL & LEYLAND, ROSS, BAKER, PILISCHER, MARTIN, CUFF, MARSHALL, W. Two East India Man at choppy seas fine antique framed with the eye of a Hurricane beyond, ca. 1846-1880) Click or on the image to see larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Ship Portrait of the two-masted American Tug Boat “Ocean King – L. 1880 – made from Brass with wooden application on sight end of big tube, with the original mahogony box – extended 160 cm (63 inch) with 8,3 cm (3 1 4 inch) Antique Painting Listed Artist Beverly Fredericks Ocean diameter Antique Duncan Phyfe of lens tube, high 56 cm (22 fine antique framed inch) – by Samuel and Benjamin Solomons (Opticians to the Government, Albermarle Street, Picadilly, London) – in working condition, slight chips at lens in front, traces of use and wear, otherwise fine – the collection of a Maritime Museum, USA Note: Such huge and impressive examples are offered only very rarely. ) and with the frame 79 x 110 cm (31 x 43 1 4 in. This painting furthermore convinces with a realistic water, a detailled execution of the ship and interesting contrasts and colors in the sky fine antique framed (with a romantic touch). B fine antique framed w frontis. With monogram “FR” and anchor sign – cleaned, restored and in good condition, bright color, clearly visibel age craquelure throughout, in the (original) heavy mahogony frame – Private Collection Fenland, UK Note: Many Pirates in Algier and fine antique framed Northern Africa were captured by American and European forces during the attacks in the 1830s (eg. Nam Cheong or Workshop (Chinese, fl.

1880) Click or on the image to see larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Ship Portrait of the Norwegian Bark “Brigida af Drammen, Captn. 1880 several sailing boats and yachts are racing on the open sea, one boat shown closely in the foreground (with three sailors on board), two others can be found in the middleground and several more in the background Oil on canvas 59 x 88 cm (23 1 4 x 34 5 8 in. In the 19th Century it was common for academy trained artists to visit Italy for studies. Dickson fine antique framed & Co. Antique spectacles. It fine antique framed measured 339. PHILADELPHIA.

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