Rare Roycroft Hammered Copper Tall Smoking Floor Stand Art & Crafts Masterwork

Classique Table Lamp 1275 Here is a nice CLASSIQUE LAMP CO lamp. Chrysanthemum Tiffany & Co Sterling With rare roycroft hammered factory on 8th Ave. These lamps are $1875 each and are in excellent original condition. Very interesting lamp. IN JUNE 1911 OTTO PERFECTED HIS INVENTION OF A METHOD OF APPLYING STERLING SILVER OVERLAYS WITHOUT USING SOLDER. Greek key meanderThe meander motif took its name from the river Meander, a river with many twists, mentioned by Homer in Iliad. $100The 2nd came from a Handel lamp base which was all this color, cream color. Site Design by: To purchase a product, please call or email Duffner & Kimberly Water Hyacinth Table Lamp 18,500 Circa 1900’sShade and Base Seen on Page 213 of Paul Crist’s Mosaic Shades Vol. Handel Parts desc Here are the rare and sought after Handel lamp parts. This shade has superb glass with wonderful coordinated colors and textures with excellent workmanship. This is a completely original lamp that was taken down from a ceiling in an Albany, New York area home where it has hung since new just after the Turn of the Century. This Museum quality lamp really performs and is the conversation piece in any room. They had hundreds of artists and employees in two plants in New York. During the beginning of the 20th century they made multiple luxuriously glass objects in the art nouveau style and also provided some designs (Henri and Eugne Muller were responsible for some 144 designs in the years 1904 -1906) for the Belgian “Cristallerie de Val Saint-Lambert” where Georges Deprez was the general director. It stands 22 1 2″ rare roycroft hammered tall and the bottom is 7 1 2″ in diameter Vintage Chinese Art Deco Oriental Rug and is properly signed HANDEL. Extra plugs alone are $6 each. Please notice the brickwork glass with the great color. An important piece of American art lighting. This is very evident in Arthur von Frankenberg’s designs as he added progressions of stepped-up tiers to the bases of his nymphs. Williamson Hanging Lamp 1,375 Here is a very nice WILLIAMSON hanging lamp. Properly signed, rare roycroft hammered good patina, 5 original sockets and acorn chain pulls with the 5″ shade support. Shade is properly signed twice as shown and measures flat to flat 16″ has 2 broken panels. Four for $42. They demonstrated the rare roycroft hammered Aladdin and often left the lamp in the home for an overnight trial. Cut glass lamps and lamps with metal overlay were also produced by Pairpoint during this period. NOTE: Auction has been moved to the Russellville Fire Dept. Brings joy to the home rare roycroft hammered every day of the year. Fabrication of rare roycroft hammered the lamps began in 1885, with the majority of them being made between 1895 and 1920. Like having a fresh bouquet of rare roycroft hammered blooming flowers on the table every day.

The base has a thumb wheel which allows the upper apparatus to move up and down on the shaft. $13 plus $2 for shipping. Bradley And Hubbard Table Lamp 995 Here is a nice large BRADLEY rare roycroft hammered AND HUBBARD table lamps. Six good old paste sockets with long acorn chain pulls, the same tiffany used. However, lamps have been discovered with genuine signatures in other less likely places. Described in The MALAKOFF PAIRPOINT BOOK on page 113. Nevertheless, Bellova desk lamps are often found in colors other rare roycroft hammered than just the green that we associate with Emeralites. The base is 24″ high in good patina and has all the original hardware and acorn chain pulls. Halliday was a photographer active in the 1920-30 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. PARLOW was among the most talented rare roycroft hammered painters and his signature appears on a variety of lamps and other Handel products. The generous rare roycroft hammered length of the wire will accommodate any lamp situation. The shade ring is signed as is the inside with the traditional HANDEL brass tag. Has the original finish with three vintage sockets and long Saturn pull chains. Great original hardware with 3 HUBBELL sockets with rare roycroft hammered acorn chain pulls. ( tiny ) A very unusual shape. It was for this reason Antique Hand Painted Royal Crown that by the year 1900 rare roycroft hammered almost all socket manufacturers chose to use the Edison screw base as their standard. See last photo showing clearly, which are rare roycroft hammered not noticeable. Perhaps because they werealready accomplished in bronze and silver rare roycroft hammered work, they added a leaded shade studioin 1905. Properly rare roycroft hammered signed TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK #1469. This lamp has the premium dark background and many blue colors which is very desirable. Handel Chinese Lamp 3,500 Here for your consideration is perhaps the most rare of the rare Handel lamp bases. 5″ Quazal rare roycroft hammered in excellent condition. Has the nice dark brown with a touch of verdigris patina. The base is rare roycroft hammered also properly signed HANDEL, 15. Note, this WILKINSON lamp is found on page #244 and #267of the Paul Crist Mosaic Slades II book. All hardware rare roycroft hammered is original and complete.

IN 1907 ANDWENT BANKRUPT IN 1933. Free of any damage or chips. Unique Lamp Base 725 Here is a nice and sought after UNIQUE LAMP BASE. The glass and pigments to make these panels is no longer available.

These Edison early sockets were made with Bryant switches and all work well. 1000 2000 15 rare roycroft hammered Two Pieces Niloak Pottery Both marbleized clay, including ewer, 4″ diameter x 11″ high and vase 2 3 4″ diameter x 4 1 2″ high, first marked. Selling low at $395. These very small TIFFANY Antique American Blue Iridized Art Deco screws hold the outer socket housing together. 20141184, and the late William J. Sold as shown with the deco arched hanger or traditional ceiling canopy. Comes complete with all rare roycroft hammered the hardware, cluster, sockets with acorn chain pulls, chain and ceiling canopy and newly rewired for safety. The 19″ shade has great modled and striated glass , shows off rare roycroft hammered very well. Has the shade rattle. Low price for this high quality beauty.

Comes with six feet of heavy brass chain which is signed Handel every few links along the way as is the ceiling hook. Measures 14″ high x 8″ at it’s widest. Pairpoint 18 x 22 1,475 Here for your consideration is a nice and properly signed PAIRPOINT with the rare dolphin lamp base. All hardware is 100% Handel. The patina is wonderful. Signed paddle and rare roycroft hammered socket shell HUBBELL. Wicker Table Lamp 295 Please see this supercool signed wicker table lamp. Also shown are the brass side screws in rare roycroft hammered nice dark patina ,that fit the 2 screw sockets, like the HUBBELL shown. The lamp is a huge 32 inches high, and the shade is exceptionally Large African Hand Carved deep 11 inches. 5″ high and has all it’s rare roycroft hammered original high grade hardware including 3 two screw EDISON sockets and acorn chain pulls. Only the glass lamps continued to be made in the USA. Green Cased Glass Shade For Oil Lamp Student Lamp 95 Here for your consideration is a great vintage cased glass shade only. As with any century old leaded lamp this lamp has several heat lines. Sockets all work and rare roycroft hammered have the saturn acorn chain pulls. This investment grade lamp has it all. Switch works well. It has a two light socket and has been rewired. Opalescent Shade 95 What a graceful beauty this vintage large size 3 1 4″ glass shade is. The Mullers mastered all well-known glass decorating techniques and always experimented rare roycroft hammered with new methods. The Pairpoint MergerFrom circa 1895 to 1930, the newly formed company was best known for their blown glass shades in three types: blown out reversed painted Antique Art Deco shades, ribbed reverse painted scenic shades, and landscape shades. From Manhattan’s B. Many times the bulbs need to be separated and extended for good lite distribution. The paneled 15″ shade has great high quality glass with one small crack in one corner as shown. The landscape has nice vertical rare roycroft hammered trees with real depth almost like 3D. THESE ARE SOCKETS THAT GENERAL ELECTRIC STARTED MAKING SHORTLY AFTER THEY BOUGHT OUT EDISON ELECTRIC. These bases were sometimes designed and painted to complement the shade. It is not uncommon to find these desk lamp shades on fancier bases than the usual Emeralite desk lamps. Tall and rare roycroft hammered 4 1 2 dia. Handel “S” Border Palm Overlay Table Lamp 5,650 Here is a very nice and all original whopping 24″ Handel “S” border palm overlay. Not your every day leaded lamp, this one rare roycroft hammered is an exceptional beauty! $50 bucks each. These were the custom metalwork commissions he executed for the homes of some of America’s wealthiest aristocrats including Eugene duPont, Jr. A single one of these rare shades was listed in the Fontains auction of April rare roycroft hammered 29, 2000 with a selling estimate of $2000 to $3000. In addition, these shades were now clamped onto the base rare roycroft hammered only at the back, almost in a clothes-pin fashion. Please notice the rare roycroft hammered stylized Greek Key in the base. All high grade glass is original, free of any cracks or chips of repairs. $975 CHICAGO MOSAIC rare roycroft hammered HISTORYThe Mosaic Lamp Co. Lions rare roycroft hammered have been an important symbol for thousands of years and appear as a theme in cultures across Europe, Asia, and Africa. The hardware is Handel and signed with 3 Bryant sockets and acorn chain pulls. 5″ and has truly the highest quality glass and workmanship. Delftware includes pottery objects of all descriptions such as plates, ornaments and tiles. The shade measures 11″ point to point and has that rare roycroft hammered very well coordinated glass. Each sconce is 10″ tall, 6″ wide & extends 9 1 2″ from the wall.

The silver over bronze section of the lamp is 12″ and is signed with number #8627B STERLING ON BRONZE PATENT AUG. Hands 54″ with the heavy brass chain adjustable. Has that special lime green mottled back glass with exploded grapes with leaves and vines. Work well, properly signed and nice dark brown patina all three $180. VIEW AUCTION INFORMATION FORSYTHES LARGE PUBLIC ANTIQUES AUCTION SUNDAY, MARCH 1, 2015 11:00 AM SHELBYVILLE, KENTUCKY Located at the Shelby County Fairgrounds on U. Despite these difficulties, Oscar Bach’s Manhattan based business continued to flourish rare roycroft hammered throughout the mid 1920s and 1930s. These rare roycroft hammered colors include russet brown, Rhodolite (marbleized and opaque), chamois and rose. The Handel Company originally incorporatedon June 11, 1903 with Philip J. 9 Hubbell Lamp Sockets 125 ea Up for auction are 9 Hubbell lamp sockets and the socket covers they Antique Bowl Stand Mahogany Cat Turned came out of. It is certainly the hanging hardware for one of rare roycroft hammered the high end lamp manufacturers. Has 4 HUBBELL sockets with acorn chain pulls.

This lamp has no excuses at all. In 1916 Taft sold Hampshire Pottery to George Morton who was previously with Grueby Pottery. Generally, bases during the second and third periods were sold with a brass finish or a statutory bronze patina, although special finishes could be furnished to order. The fixture rare roycroft hammered has been repainted. The base is 24″ high and known as the Chinese priced foot. Wilkinson Table Lamp 1,995 Here rare roycroft hammered is a very nice all WILKINSON table lamp. This set of three $795 Philip Handel joined in partnership with Adolph Eydam in1885 to form rare roycroft hammered the Eydam and Handel Company in Meriden, Connecticut. Suess Floor Lamp 28,500 Here is a truly an outstanding and rare Suess floor lamp. Handel Molded Lamp 2,775 As many of you have come to know,I endeavor to present for your consideration the rare ,hard to come by up scale lamps while specializing in Handel lamps. IN THE EARLY YEARS THE CO. , with red and green painted band of flower on lower edge of shade, shade is 8″ diameter x 6 1 2″ high with original white painted cast metal base and cap, base marked PLB & O Co. UNIQUE LAMP COMPANY HISTORY THE UNIQUE CO WAS STARTED IN 1889 BY GEORGE W. The high quality colorful glass rare roycroft hammered is well coordinated and performs nicely. Also please notice the 18″ peacock table lamp plus the 18″ Wilkinson lamp plus the 4 Steuben shades and the 8. 80 150 31 Stickley Brothers Attribution Lamp Table With lower shelf resting on cross stretchers, very good dark original finish, unsigned, very good condition. Attached to metal frame with round bronze brads. Please notice the beautiful Indian Maiden, boat, birch trees etc. Please notice the Louis Sullivan design whom was the architect whom taught Frank Lloyd Wright. Czech Lamp 550 This beautiful CZECH lamp is in great condition. NOTE, BY COMPARISON A NEW MODEL A FORD OF THAT YEAR COST $450. There are four tight heat rare roycroft hammered lines but they do not distract from the lamp and are not visible unless you take a very hard look to find them. Shade is 18″ properly signed TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK # 1469. Model #500, properly signed with cap and finale. 2 1 2″ by 2 1 4″. Gorham designed a number of elaborate trophies for sporting events, including the Borg-Warner Trophy for the Indianapolis 500, designed by rare roycroft hammered Robert J. The monumental silver and parcel-gilt “Neptune” epergne made for Furber as part of this service was displayed at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition in 1876. Here for your consideration is a lovely 1920’s Pittsburgh 18″ reverse hand painted daffodil floral panel lamp.

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